White Gloves


While on the ship for 12 days, I was able to see the art everywhere on the ship. As I said before, the art director changed out all the displays around the ship every morning including the art gallery.
There were four auctions that took place while I was on board. For each auction the art was moved from storage to one of the larger lounges and displayed everywhere. Some sat on easels, some sat directly on the floor up against walls and rails. I was told there were over 300 pieces. That is a lot of handling. I was shocked to see how the art was handled. There certainly were no white gloves! The art director was assisted by whatever staff was available to help move the art (musicians, etc). The framed art was stacked sideways on dollys for transportation without even having something put between them. The frames were damaged (but potential buyers were told if they purchased a piece, they would receive a new frame). It really took away from the art to see it in damaged frames. As bad as that seemed, it was the unframed pieces that shocked me to see how they were handled. How many times had they been touched with bare hands being moved almost everyday, and sometimes several times a day? The easels used for displaying had metal arms that the pieces sat on. There was no protection. I seen several unframed paintings that had been damaged by the sharp metal edges. It hurt me to see this! It seemed like such disrespect for art and the artists.

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