Artist Statement

My belief is that the purpose of art is to immortalize beauty in all its forms.  The purpose of the artist is to give the viewer an opportunity to stop and take in the artist’s interpretation.

Stirred by the forbidden passions expressed by painter and sculptor Fabian Perez, I began to truly understand the powerful emotion and mystery that can be portrayed through art. Feeling the open spaces and freedom of the thick acrylic paint used by Maya Eventov in her views of nature, and captivated by the abstractive style and heavy oil textures created by Kimberly Kiel.  I am drawn in by their color and texture rich paintings. These three contemporaries alongside the instructors at Red Deer College have inspired me to grow as an artist.

Continuously challenging my artistic boundaries; from the first squeeze of the paint tube, to the final stroke on the canvas, I am finding my own way. A stylization I refer to as “Expressive Abstraction” has evolved.

My use of abstraction allows me to portray the emotion of my subject capturing the essence without full realism.  By also incorporating an expressive or painterly style, I embrace the marks made by the palate knife and paint brush rather than trying to blend or hide them. This creates textures that show off the sensuous properties of the medium. The objective of my interpretation, using expressive abstraction, is to draw the viewer into the piece through the visual seduction of a mystery.

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