Naples, Italy

We started here from the Port of Naples, taking a tour down the coastline of the Bay of Naples through Sorrento all the way to Salerno. Narrow winding roads on the edge of the cliffs, up and down, with hairpin curves. The view was absolutly stunning. As we traveled, were able to see the volcano from both sides. I cannot imagine living in a place next to an active volcano. Never knowing when the next eruption will happen.

From there we went to Pompeii. I believe that this was one of the most overwhelming places we have visited so far. The massive size of the place, and everything left intact from 2000 years ago. There is so much historical information here. Only 75% has been uncovered and our guide told us that you can walk at a fast past for 8 hours and still not see it all.

Our visit to Naples was 4 hours shorter than our original plan so that our ship could change course in order to avoid a storm that was creating 50 ft waves.

A stone street where you can see the worn tracks from the carts.

unbelievable frescos everywhere. This is an alter for the Gods worshipped by people of this house.


shelves and shelves of antiquities collected


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