My First Solo Exhibition

How exciting!! My very first solo show

What an experience doing the installation of my first show! The excitement, the fear, and a lot of hard work. Still recovering from being ill, I arrived at the gallery to find walls that were full of nail holes, and big strips missing from tape being ripped off. Yikes! After searching around for drywall mud, tools & sandpaper, the work began. By the time we were finished, I was covered in drywall dust. Next was the search for paint, and can you believe it, they couldn't find the same color, so we ended up painting the entire room with a slightly different color. While waiting for the paint to dry, I swept the floor and cleaned all the windows. Finally it was time to hang my work.

Red Deer College March 29th to April 3rd 2014 .


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  1. I just found a little jem of a room at Red Deer College because of clean windows and some canvas on the walls. Thank you for allowing me to submerge myself in your work. I love the flowers.

    It is interesting that the photos don’t do your colours justice. When you stand in the room you see the richness of your work. Beautiful.

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