Art At Sea

The ship I was on had a small art gallery. The art director was a young man from Croatia named Constantine. The gallery was not big, but he managed to display about dozen or two pieces at a time. The collection on board was over 300 pieces consisting of prints, originals, sculpture and even some metal art. Every morning he had two hours to change out all the pieces in the gallery, so every night for 12 nights, I would visit the gallery to see what he was displaying that day. He always took the time to talk to me about the artists and their work, and of course tried to sell them to me.

There was art in many other locations all over the ship. Some were permanent displays with writen plaques about the artist and their work. Others were temporary displays that changed frequently. It was wonderful that everywhere I went on board I had the pleasure of finding new art work. Everyday was an adventure.


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